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Buffalo Bulls Soccer Recruiting - the other UB commits from National Signing Day

Checking in on Buffalo's soccer recruiting classes, which also took shape yesterday.

Matt Gritzmacher

As I caught you last week, the UB Soccer teams are also locking in their recruiting classes this week. While there's a certain degree more coverage in the football world, I'm pretty sure that none of UB's commits have been flipped and am relatively confident that most have indeed sent in their NLIs.

First, recapping last week's post, which covered most of the class:

Who are we expecting to join UB Soccer on National Signing Day?

In that post we knew of four incoming freshman and a transfer for the women's team, and two transfers and an incoming freshman on the men's side. Since then, we learned of another transfer for the women and another incoming freshman for each side. Click above for more info on all of them, but here's links to what I can find of everyone signing, too:

Women's Soccer

As I've typed this, Coach Burke has confirmed that he's bringing in four freshman, all of who we knew about in the above post, or shortly after in the comments.

Rachel Villalta, Shattuck-St. Marys (Minnesota)
Faribault Shattuck-St. Mary’s soccer has 18 make college commitments Wednesday - Faribault MN: Sports

I'm not sure what's happened with Lindsay Sammis, who is listed in the link above, and hasn't changed her Twitter bio at all, but is not listed by Coach Burke in his confirmation tweet.

UPDATE: Looks like nothing to worry about:

Villalta and Sammis are easy to spot on the right here (If I can get the image bigger than a dime), via Shattuck-St. Mary's' flickr account

Rebecca Bramble, Brams United (Brampton, ON)

Kayla Hospodka, Albertson SC (Long Island) 
9-in-10 Graduating ECNL Athletes Commit to College

I haven't found much about Hospodka yet, but in addition to her club team, she played four years of varsity with the South Side Lady Cyclones in Rockville Center, Long Island

Bri Shingary, Medina (Ohio)
Roundup of local Division I signings in boys and girls soccer and other sports - Cleveland News

Northeast Ohio has been good to UB, with Katie Roberts and Jackie Hall both coming from Medina County, and Megan Giesen also coming from the Cleveland area.

Carissima Cutrona, Williamsville South (Colgate) and Moira Petrie, Lower Merion (PA) (Alabama) 
Women’s Soccer Announces The Addition Of Two Transfers - Buffalo

We covered Cutrona in the link above; after missing a year to injury, she's coming home and will have immediate impact from the forward position. Petrie was a new name for us, but she played in 16 matches for Alabama this year and was once a highly, HIGHLY, touted high school prospect.

Men's Soccer

I have significantly less info here, and I don't really know why I can't find much.

Edit: I forgot in the first draft of this to let you know that we could be getting a larger-than-expected group here. Despite losing only three seniors and bringing in a pair of transfers already, there may be more on the way. Five Bulls: Jeremy and Charlie Norman, Abdulla Al-Kalisy, Nicolai Berry, and Sean Young, are no longer on the roster.

Ryan Aspenleiter, Pittsford-Mendon

Nothing new to report. Other than Aspenleiter's Twitter, there's no reports of him coming at all.

Kobie Fraser, Dix Hills and Albertson SC

Dug this one up on Twitter not 10 minutes after publishing the above piece, but again, little other than his Twitter.

Joseph Kuta and Scott Doney

We wrote about them when they came in.

I'll update this piece when we get more information, which is hopefully coming on Sammis and on the specifics of the men's newcomers.