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Coming to the Bull Run Store - Fear the Mop!

Now you too can tell others to "Fear The Mop"Or check out other shirts on at the Bull Run Store.

Last year we were inspired by the cry "Release The Kraken". Well the Kraken crossed the Atlantic and is now causing chaos in Germany.

This years team has so many key players that picking one theme for an inspiration shirt has been hard. Moss is a monster, X Gon' Give it to Ya', Hollywood is fun to watch, and Lamonte (LamontBae?) is amazing.

A wealth or riches has kept us from finding a single rallying cry. That is until UB's control of Kent was so complete that a student could not even find time to mop under the basket. Now whenever UB steals the ball and comes barreling down the court all I can think is "Fear The Mop".

Suffice it to say we have had a lot of fun with GIMP this week (GIMP is free software similar to photoshop for unpaid bloggers)