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Offensive Lineman Roubbens Joseph, Hudson Valley Community College

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Name Roubbens Joseph
School Hudson Valley C.C
Position Offensive Line
Ratings 247 ( * * )
Offers UAB, USA, Multiple FCS

Like Wyatt Cahill a few years ago, Roubbens Joseph looks to be one of those JUCO players who may make an immediate impact in the NCAA. His level of play in HS had a lot of good programs sniffing around but he had not taken academics seriously enough as a freshman. So he decided to go to a Junior College and prove he had the tools on the field and in the classroom.

On top of the class work and the football training he supported himself with a part time job at Taco Bell.

So coming to Buffalo and being on full scholarship will not overwhelm the lineman. With UB losing one half of their offensive line he may get a real chance to climb the depth chart this spring.