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What We Learned This Week At Bull Run

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Thank you for another great week at Bull Run. As I type it's -9... in Buffalo, it's 72 here. Your weekly reminder that a bunch of smart people in NY, Buffalo, UB and the UBAD believe it is a good idea to have a football team in Buffalo with no indoor practice facility.

Men's Hockey is Going to Nationals

UB's ACHA Division 1 hockey team is facing Colorado on March 5th and with a win they will face #1 seed Arizona State on March 6.

A) UB cannot lose to these PAC 12 teams in hockey, do they even have ice in Arizona?

B) UB at least should have a bit of home ice advantage, the games will be played just outside of Cleveland, hopefully some of the UB faithful can make it.

Has UB Found Their NEXT Head Coach?

UB's coaching tree continues to grow, and it's a matter of years before UB can start hiring alums. First Stephen Thomas left Princeton to take a job on Chip Kelly's staff with the Eagles, and now Ron Hilaire is the head coach at McGill.

If Rolling Stones Gather No Moss, Do Rolling Mosses Gather No Stones?

I don't know what that means, but Karin Moss and Justin Moss came up big this week.

Pitt Bull1 and CT Bulls Fan Lead the 3B

Danny White drools over the regional implications.

The EMU Loss Factor was Created

The premise of the EMU Loss Factor (EMULF) is that a coach with 3 football losses, or 6 basketball losses to EMU will be fired. Outside of Mark Montgomery and Steve Hawkins, it holds up pretty good. Also, EMU kinda owns CMU in football and basketball, it's really weird.

See you next week at Bull Run!