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Next Week In Bull Run - February 16 - 22

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The time between Super Bowl and March Madness is a rough sports time. UB Basketball could fill the void, but they generally take this time to disappoint. Let's take a look back at next week:

Tim interviewed Jeff Quinn! We need to do one of these with Lance Leipold!!! My favorite passages:

Coach Quinn: I see it as a challenge to find the RKBs (Right Kind of Bulls).

I think wow, RKB would have been an infinitely better slogan than NBI, it was right in front of his face.

Bull Run: How much, if at all, does losing Zach Maynard affect the timetable for offensive success?
Coach Quinn: None. We have a motto here; "Next Bull In"!


In 2011, Tim previewed the running backs, and 55% of Bull Run nation had James Potts as UB's feature back while only five people predicted Branden Oliver would be the feature. POINTS for those five, if you have a good memory claim it in the comments.

Tim also previewed the QBs, the poll asked who impresses most in spring ball, Jerry Davis, Alex Zordich or Rudy Johnson. Zordich got 64% of the vote, Johnson 25% and Davis 11%. Rudy never threw a pass, and if we're counting, Davis out passed Zordich 1,898 to 1,789 in their careers.

Men's Basketball

Way before putting the Gallagher Center on their list of 50 things to do in Buffalo, the Buffalo News started their praise anything but UB campaign, by calling Gallagher the best student section in Erie or Niagara county.

In 2014 UB put up a big win over Akron

On February 22, 2014 Javon McCrea became UB's all time leading scorer.

In 2013 Tony Watson put up 31 to give UB an 8 point win in Oxford.

Remember bracket busters, in 2012 UB got bracket busted when they got destroyed by South Dakota. Tim wrote

"I hope this is not where we start our spring slump

Buffalo has a recent history of falling apart in the second half of conference play."

The 2012 Bulls also lost to Ohio Tim remarked:

For the love of Pete, if you are 3-19 from beyond the Arch *STOP SHOOTING FROM BEYOND THE ARCH*

In 2010 Brandon Harris wrote about UB Basketball's homestretch his cons were familiar, foul trouble and depth...

As of right now there are 8 guys who are part of the regular rotation, all averaging 14+ minutes a game, but the Bulls have failed to find a consistent 9th player.


In 2012 UB was looking for an Athletic Director. Before hiring outsider Danny White, Bull Run was hoping for a local connection, either Michael Cross or Missy Conboy.

UB's take on the Oscars brought a few gems


In 2010 Drew Willy was signed by the Indianapolis Colts.

In 2014 Khalil Mack was preparing for the NFL combine and people were talking about picking him #1 overall.

Non Revenue

In the 2013 Non-Revenue Recap, baseball and softball opened their seasons and women's tennis stayed undefeated.

I can't wait to see  magic will happen this week at Bull Run!