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Who should we root for when it comes to the MAC Women's Tournament seeding?

UB Athletics

Same deal as yesterday with the men. In addition to every UB game, we're developing stronger rooting interests in the rest of the MAC.

It's not as clustered as the men's side, but the UB women also sit in sixth place with a 6-4 record right now. Conceivably, within two games they could be at #2, so there's indeed plenty of time. Furthermore, half of Buffalo's eight remaining games come against the bottom three teams tin the conference, while the other four come against three of the top four teams, so there's both opportunities to rack up wins AND make up ground in the homestretch here.

Central Michigan (6-4) vs Toledo (5-5): TOLEDO

UB's destined for a second tiebreaker with the Rockets should then end up tied, but are done with the Chips. So unless there's a three-way, we want to get in front of CMU.

Bowling Green (2-9) vs Ohio (9-1): BOWLING GREEN

That 2015-opening loss to Ohio doesn't look so bad anymore, and to be honest, they're very close to pulling out of UB's reach. Improbably as it would be, Bowling Green over the Bobcats would be a huge help.

Eastern Michigan (4-5) vs Ball State (7-3): EASTERN MICHIGAN

UB owns the tiebreaker over the Cardinals, but we still need to catch them for that to be meaningful. EMU isn't a threat to pass us unless things really go south.

Kent State (1-9) vs Miami (0-10): DON'T CARE

The chances of the outcome of this game affecting UB's place in a tiebreaker are horrifically miniscule. Unless you're scouting for one of the three games Buffalo has remaining against these bottom two teams in the conference, there's no reason to care.

Northern Illinois (6-4) vs Western Michigan (8-3): NORTHERN ILLINOIS

This one kind of stinks; the Bulls are in for a tough test against Akron, and NIU could pass us in the short term. But, UB has the tiebreaker over the Huskies and no second game in which NIU could even the score, while we want to catch WMU AND have a second shot at them to improve our tiebreaker luck.

An NIU win could hurt us in the short term, but would be far superior in the longer outlook.

We'll have the updated seedings in the takeaways post tomorrow, and the new rooting interest for this weekend's round of games sometimes closer to the weekend.

Go Bulls! (And Rockets, Falcons, Eagles, and Huskies)