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Senior Salutes - Tony Daniel

Daniel came to UB as a prep regional title holder from Hiram Georgia. The dual thread quarterback had some great moments at UB, despite being a backup most of his Career Daniel still contributed to this program in big ways.

Joe Licata's first start at UB was a 27-24 win over Miami. It was the first of his four straight wins over the Redhawks. But what a lot of people might not remember is that the victory owed a lot to the arm of Tony Daniel.

In the 4th quarter, with the score tied at 17, a UB drive stalled at the Miami 32 yard line. The Bulls lined up for a field goal but a bad snap put Daniel on the move. He rolled out and fond Alex Dennison for a first down. Additionally he took a cheap shot from Miami, drawing a half the distance penalty for Buffalo.

Suddenly the Bulls went from 4th and 8, attempting a near 50 yard field goal, to a first and 10 at the 11.

Last season, under offensive coordinator Alex Wood, Daniel saw quite a bit of time as a "change of pace quarterback". Despite the struggles on offense this season first year head coach Lance Leipold has stayed away from using Daniel that way.

As the season winds down he continues to be a backup and the place holder on special teams. But Daniel has shown that even there he can be a very dangerous man.