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Mid American Conference Power Rankings

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Bowling green finished an undefeated run through the MAC East while Toledo's loss greatly muddies the water in the MAC West. Four of the top 5 teams in our poll are from the West, all are either 5-0 (WMU) or 4-1 (NIU, Toledo, CMU).

Rank Team Score LW CH Comment
1 BG 1.6 2 1 Bowling Green crushed Ohio by dropping 62 points. So far only Buffalo has figured out how to slow the Falcons down as they have all but clinched another trip to the MACC
2 NIU 2.4 3 1 Just as Central Michigan has had NIU's number for a few season so has NIU had Toledo's. A loss here would have all but mathematically eliminated NIU from the West race.
3 TOL 3.0 1 -2 Toledo just can't seem to figure the Huskies out. They still have some hope. They need to beat WMU and hope NIU takes down the Broncos.
3 WMU 3.6 3 0 Just like that the Bronco's find them selves all alone in first. Their next three games are against BGSU, NIU, and Toledo so if they get to Detroit then they earned it.
5 CMU 4.8 5 0 Also not to be ignored in the West race is Central Michigan who have beaten NIU and fell to WMU. They get a crack at Toledo next week.
6 BUF 5.8 6 0 Technically Buffalo still has a shot at the east. They would need to upset NIU, and have Bowling Green lose out. This Wednesday is must win if UB wants the division.
7 OHIO 7.2 7 0 Ohio should not have any trouble getting to be bowl eligible but would wins against Kent and Ball State, and a bowl trip, really feel like a victory to OU fans?
8 AKR 8.6 9 1 If Akron can take care of business against Miami and win the Wagon wheel against kent then they will bowl, regardless of how the UB game sandwiched between the two goes for Zippy.
9 BSU 9.0 8 -1 My faith in Lembo has been deeply shaken this season. Can someone tell me what the heck is going on in Muncie?
10 KENT 10.2 11 1 Kent had Buffalo dead to rights but committed a key pass interference penalty which let UB out of a 4th and 19. That drive featured a UB TD which gave the Flashes their 6th loss
11 MASS 10.4 10 -1 UMass will not do better than last years 3-5 mark but with games against EMU and Miami coming up they can better the 1-7 record they had two seasons ago.
12 MIA 12.0 13 1 Miami gets off the schnide and in doing so lifts themselves out of the basement.basement. Bahl was not very prolific throwing the ball but he was efficient.
13 EMU 12.4 11 -2 EMU Tumbles after letting Miami dominate them. Though they did set a program record for longest field goal. So there is that.

On the Rise - Bowling Green moved up to first. Their next few games will prove if Falcon Fast deserves to lead the power rankings or not.

Free Falling - Toledo and EMU each fell two spots. In Toledo's defense it's easy to fall multiple spots when you're #1. EMU lost to Miami and now finds themselves bringing up the rear.