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Mid American Conference Power Rankings

Akron beats Buffalo on the field and jumps them in our rankings.

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Not a lot for Buffalo fans to like this week. Getting doubled up in Akron puts UB on the edge of Bowl elimination. Even if the Bulls take care of business on senior day and finish 6-6 they still need help from around the Bowl Subdivision.

Right now the MAC has 7 Bowl eligible teams. NIU, Toledo, Bowling Green, CMU, WMU, Ohio, and Akron. If UB wins that would be 8 teams. Should the Bulls get enough help that woiuld mean 8 of the MAC's 12* teams will go Bowling.

* - Once the UMass game ends they are no longer a MAC member.

Rank Team Score LW CH Comment
1 NIU 1.3 2 1 After a rough start to the season, including a loss to CMU, the Huskies are in the cat bird seat for another trip to Detroit.
2 TOL 2.0 3 1 Shaping up to be another "if not for NIU" season. Toledo has been chasing huskies for years.
3 BG 2.8 1 -2 Perhaps getting roughed up by Toledo is a good thing. The Falcons will go into Detroit a bit more grounded than they otherwise would have been.
3 CMU 4.5 5 2 Given all the carnage off the field this year one has to respect the CMU players and staff for putting together this season.
5 WMU 4.8 3 -2 WMU is pretty much out of the running for the MAC West but the Bronco's have still put together a nice season.
6 OHIO 6.3 7 1 Rather than fall flat after an early slump the Bobcats have picked themselves up and are clearly the second best team in the East.
7 AKR 7.3 8 1 Bowden has not created a dominant team in Akron but he does have the zips in position to Bowl for the first time since 2005.
7 BUF 7.3 6 -1 Three turnovers by Buffalo, and several short fields given up led to Akron pummeling the Bulls. Buffalo can get 6 wins but may not Bowl.
9 BSU 9.3 9 0 After several goo years in Muncie another poos season may put Lembo on the hot seat in 2016.
10 MASS 10.5 10 0 If Buffalo takes care of business then UMass will finish their MAC tenure as the worst team in the east
11 KENT 11.3 11 0 Kent's last game of the season will be for the Wagon Wheel. A win *might* give their coaching staff another season.
11 MIA 11.3 12 1 Miami ended their season with a comeback victory. They busted up UMass last home MAC game and senior day. Well done Hawks!
13 EMU 12.5 13 0 It's now been 20 years since EMU's last winning season*. Think about that for a second, the seniors graduating this year were in diapers when the were 6-5.

The only losers this week are WMU and Buffalo. The Bronco's lost their second straight game so they fell two spots. To be fair their losses have been to to NIU and Bowling Green.

The Bulls played an awful game in Akron, forcing Joe Licata to throw the Ball 50 times when historically the Bulls pretty much always lose when throwing more than 40.

There are two ties. Miami/Kent and Buffalo/Akron. Interesting considering what Akron just did to the Bulls.