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Mid American Conference Power Rankings

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Not a whole lot of change this week. People have pretty good ideas about who they like where and there were no big shake ups on the field.

Rank Team Score LW CH Comment
1 BG 1.0 1 0 In the minds of some Bowling Green was only undefeated in MAC play because they are an East division team. Then they went and smacked around Western Michigan.
2 NIU 2.3 2 0 With the Bronco's losing, the chips at two losses and a tie breaker against Toledo things are looking up for NIU.
3 TOL 3.3 3 0 The big win over CMU helps the Rockets keep pace with NIU and Western Michigan. With two hard games left it will be very hard for Toledo to win the west.
3 WMU 3.8 3 0 Hard showing against Bowling Green. To make things worse they finish against Toledo and Northern Illinois
5 CMU 4.8 5 0 CMU gave it a go this season, but with losses against Toledo and Western Michigan they are running out of scenarios in which they win the west.
6 BUF 6.5 6 0 Against both the numbers one and two teams in the conference UB was competitive at the final whistle. The problem was amassing a huge debt in both games.
7 OHIO 7.0 7 0 Ohio will be bowling again but Bowling Green's win means the Bobcats won't be playing in the MAC Championship.
8 AKR 8.3 8 0 Akron is sitting in a good position. at 5-5 with games against Buffalo and Kent there is a good chance the Zips take at least one to go Bowling.
9 BSU 8.8 9 0 Ball State has to finish against two winning MAC teams so it's possible to see the cards fall to a 3-9 record. Is Pete Lembo in any kind of trouble?
10 MASS 10.0 11 1 UMass will not be shut our of MAC play in their final season. Thanks to a win over EMU the minutemen can truly say they are not the worst squad in the conference.
11 KENT 10.8 10 -1 Kent has Central and Akron. At this point the season for them is all about the Wagon Wheel.
12 MIA 11.8 11 -1 The RedHawks have one more game this season and it's a chance to make UMass the bottom team in the MAC East.
13 EMU 13.0 13 0 EMU lost the pillow fight of the year and it's hard to see them getting out of the cellar. They would need to shock a very good CMU team.

As you can see the main movement happened because UMass (previously #11) beat EMU to get their first MAC win of the season. Miami also fall a bit because of their loss and Kent had some of their votes taken by the UMass win.

With a couple of games left Bowling Green and EMU are unanimous #1 and #13 picks. The teams would tier like this.

  1. Bowling Green
  2. NIU, Toledo, and Western Michigan
  3. Central Michigan
  4. Buffalo and Ohio
  5. Akron and Ball State
  6. UMass, Kent, and Miami
  7. EMU