In short week, MU seeks second win | The Miami Student

"A shorter week, obviously, magnifies everything because you have less time to prepare," head coach Chuck Martin said.

Buffalo (3-4, 1-2 MAC) played at home last week during its 41-17 romping of Ohio University. Miami, on the other hand, was on the road in Michigan.

"So, advantage them, because they were at a home game and they could get to work a lot quicker than us," Martin said.

Martin said Miami’s home advantage this week seems like a plus on paper, but the players’ classes make it difficult to schedule football activities for a mid-week game. While Buffalo preps for the evening game all day Thursday, Miami’s players will be in class.

"It gets all jumbled up because your whole routine is off. Your kids get up and go to class for most of the day and it feels like a class day, but now it’s Saturday game day. Well, that’s not how they prepare."

During a typical week in which games are played on Saturday, the team starts preparing for the game after classes Friday and stays in a hotel Friday night.