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Mid American Conference Power Rankings

Said an Ohio Fan - "We're ahead of the curve this year though! We started the November meltdown halfway through October..."

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Other than Buffalo drubbing Ohio pretty much every game ended with the expected winner. The only other "surprise" was Bowling Greens defense pitching a shutout. That 48-0 blanking of Kent and Buffalo's win over Ohio shaped the power ranking movement.

Rank Team Score LW CH Comment
1 TOL 1.0 1 0 Still the unanimous first pick despite a really terrible first half in Amherst (The sucky Amherst in Massachusetts). They are trying to keep up with Memphis for a shot at the access bowl.
2 BG 2.0 2 0 A unanimous second pick. November 17th is shaping up to be huge for Bowling Green. Next week they can pretty much eliminate Ohio from MAC East contention.
3 WMU 4.0 4 1 Solid win for WMU. They pick up a spot over NIU because they have shown more consistency this season in MAC play.
4 NIU 4.2 3 -1 NIU may be third in the West but the Huskies are always dangerous and still have a crack at WMU and Toledo. They will both be much more of a challenge than EMU.
5 CMU 4.6 5 0 The Chips survived Ball State and all but eliminated Ball State from bowl contention this season.
6 BUF 6.0 8 2 Buffalo really needed the win and they did in in every phase of the game. If UB never repeats the terrible play from Mount Pleasant they may get to 6 or seven wins this year.
7 OHIO 7.0 6 -1 Ohio Fan From : "We're ahead of the curve this year though! We started the November meltdown halfway through October..."
8 BSU 7.8 7 -1 Hard loss for BSU to swallow at home. The Cards are having their worst season since Stan Parrish roamed Ball State sidelines.
9 AKR 9.2 9 0 Bye for the Zips
10 MASS 9.6 11 1 For 30 minutes of football UMass looked very scary. It's almost a certainty they won't bowl this year but they are a strong enough team to spoil someone else's season.
11 EMU 11.2 12 1 Stop me if you heard this one before... EMU is no longer bowl eligible and they are not 9 games into the season yet.
12 KENT 11.6 10 -2 The 48-0 drubbing at the hand of Bowling Green drops Kent two spots and earnsthem one last place vote.
13 MIA 12.8 13 0 Miami is no longer the consensus worst team in the MAC. We have one poster who moved them all the way up to 12.

Big Movers - Buffalo moves up two spots for soundly beating Ohio and Kent's inability to score on a so-so falcons defense drops the two spots.

MAC Power Tiers - (Defined by numerical proximity)

Tier One - Bowling Green and Toledo - It's a shame these two teams play each other this season. If they each walked to the MAC Championship game without losing then we would have a situation similar to 2012. When Kent and NIU went to Detroit Ranked.

Tier Two - Western Michigan, Northern Illinois, and Central Michigan - Once again the MAC west show's it's much deeper than the East. Any of these three teams has a shot at taking down Toledo. Things could get real tiebreaker messy as the season goes on.

Tier Three - Ball State, Ohio, and Buffalo - Ohio and Buffalo are teams that, when on, can shock the top five or six in the conference but none of them have shown the consistency needed to win their division. Ball State climbs up here despite being 1-6 2-6 because of some heartbreaking losses.

Tier Four - Akron, UMass, Kent, EMU - I'm note entirely sure Akron belongs here. They should perhaps be tierd up with Buffalo and Ohio as teams that might compete for the east (if BGSU trips up) or compete for second in the east (If the Falcons stay tru).

Tier Five - Miami - Nuff said.... But if Kent puts up another stinker they could end up in Miami territory.