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The Vine Recap: Buffalo 41, Ohio 17

Vine Recap: Press the volume symbol at the top left hand corner to hear/mute vine. The vine autoplays as you scroll, but you can also pause and play by clicking anywhere on a vine. It is way more fun when we win.

We gonna lose today Lance?

Football was Football today.

Ryan Williamson and the Defense do it again

First Brandon Berry with the pressure on Vick, then Crawford and Gilbo defending and disrupting the intended receiver, finally Williamson makes the grab and knowing how bad our offense has struggled in the red zone, makes the great play to get in the end zone.

Don't Blame Licata

For this one, both teams made mistakes. Buffalo keeps 6 blockers to handle 6 rushers, but Buffalo's LG and C both let Ohio D Lineman Casey Sayles run untouched to Licata and both pick up the blocker. One of them has to pick up Sayles. As a result, Sayles hits Licata as he throws, it floats in the air for what seemed like 5 minutes and was only complete because McGill was that wide open.

McGill was that open because the defender lined up across from him drops into zone coverage, but everyone else is playing man. When Willoughby clears that side of the field with a post, no one is there to cover McGill on the Wheel route.

Two wrongs made a right for Buffalo today.

Hard to stop JJ on short yardage

He's physical, he's quick and he's shifty. You see it here as he makes a great cut, then lowers his head determined to get into the end zone.

Weiser with a Beauty

This is how you become the #1 target, Weiser fights through the pass interference, catches the ball with his hands at it's highest point and gets both feet in bounds for the best catch of the night.

When all else fails, sneak it in

I find their lack of push disturbing, but it's real hard not to get 1 on a sneak

Ohio is the gift that keeps on giving

This was either a poorly designed play or a mis-run route. Alozie's man and the outside receiver both run short hitches, Alozie reads the QB and only needs to take a few steps to make the eazy interception. The play looked more like a tunnel screen to Alozie than a pass play not intended for Alozie.

Alozie gets two

Ball thrown behind, tight coverage and great hands = INT. Also have to think Gilbo coming in untouched on a blitz gave Vick a bit of panic.

D-Line Bling

In a four man rush, we get a big effort sack from Harris, beating his man around and back to the QB.

Instant Treeplay

Boise continues to play like one of the best CBs in the nation. UB's offense struggled again, while the defense tried to keep it close. I'm just going to leave this here until it's not true, 4 weeks in a row now.

Ross Island

Boise continues to play like one of the best CBs in the nation. UB's offense struggled again, while the defense tried to keep it close. I'm just going to leave this here until it's not true, 4 weeks in a row now.

Joe "Tyrod" Licata

Ohio sends six, the OL creates a lane, Joe makes them pay scrambling for 10 on 3rd and 7. You have to make the defense pay for blitzing while in man coverage and scrambling is sometimes the best way to do so.

Stunt 101

UB ran a lot of stunts today, they got more effective as the game wore on and the Ohio OL seemed to get a little tired. Charles Harris beats the right guard on the stunt and takes down the QB.

Crunch Berry ends the drive

So much wrong from Ohio here. Patterson goes in motion to create the empty backfield and Berry follows. Berry on Daz in man in that much space is a favorable matchup, although not THAT favorable, Berry did play safety last year.

Ohio runs a rub route the slot receiver running directly at Berry and Patterson cutting behind that receiver. Berry takes a few steps back, easily avoids the pick. Patterson who jump cuts to avoid his own man, the one who was supposed to pick Berry, loses his forward momentum, which is exasperated by Vick's throw to Patterson's back shoulder. Meanwhile, Berry drives on the pass, unpicked with a head of steam, he drops Patterson right where he caught it, a yard short of the first down.

JJ ends it

I think BRJ mentioned before this the Ohio players coming off the sidelines tired and dejected. It was late in the game, but you could see it here.  Mason Schreck with a great block to seal off a LB, Manosalvas gets to the third level and cuts a DB down. Everyone else does their job and doens't hold. This was the best blocked run of the year.