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Buffalo Bulls Depth Chart - Ohio

Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

You would think after a beating like the one UB received in Mount Pleasant that there would be changes a plenty in Amherst but if they are coming you won't see them on the depth chart.

The only changes between this week and last week is a swap of Brandon Monosalvas and Dillon Guy.

Manosalvas moves from right guard to left guard and Guy makes the opposite change, from left to right.

I guess when you were bad literally everywhere on the field maybe shaking up the depth chart is not your issue.

But if I had my druthers....

1 - I'd like to see Martinez on the depth chart though he was on the field a lot as our third receiver last week.

2 - I'd like to see Devon Campbell returning kickoffs rather than Johnson. With Taylor listed as questionable I'd rather not have our feature back slated to return kickoffs.