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MAC Power Rankings

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports
Rank Team Score LW CH Comment
1 TOL 1.0 1 0 The Rockets remain at the top and additionally pick up points in the wake of Ohio's dramatic home loss to Western Michigan
2 BG 2.5 3 1 Bowling Green bounces over Ohio to claim the #2 spot this season. Anyone looking forward to the battle of I-75 yet?
3 NIU 3.8 4 1 NIU's loss to CMU still has them looking like outsiders but the Huskies are finding their offensive fire and still control their destiny.
4 WMU 4.3 6 2 Western beat CMU at home and then went on the road to Athens and just embarrassed Ohio. It was Flecking beautiful.
5 CMU 4.8 5 0 Chips bounced back nicely after losing a heart breaker to the Broncos. In the mess that is the MAC West they have a shot.
6 OHIO 5.3 2 -4 Big drop for Ohio because they were curb stomped at home. They hope to be the second straight team to get over a WMU loss vs Buffalo.
7 BSU 7.8 8 1 Very ugly loss for Ball State yet they still pick up a place because Buffalo's loss to CMU tasted worse to our editors.
8 BUF 8.0 7 -1 UB is now very behind the eight ball when it comes to wins and losses. They still have NIU and Ohio so there is no breathing room.
9 AKR 10.0 9 0 Akron's defense got a dose of Bowling Green but they held their 9 spot because of the chaos in our basement.
9 KENT 10.0 12 3 Just when you think you have Kent figured they go and ruin homecoming day for UMass.
11 MASS 10.5 10 -1 The line of people who thought "This was the year" where UMass was a good MAC team is much smaller this season.
12 EMU 10.8 11 -1 Good first and last quarter by the Eagles but being outscored 56-0 through the middle of the game is all folks will remember.
13 MIA 13.0 13 0 If I were a Miami fan I would be very concerned that the losses are still this one sided.

The benefit of having four or five guys picking power rankings every week is that tiers eventually emerge. In the collective view of our editors have Toledo and Bowling Green as the one and two teams. We all have Miami as the worst. After that there are several tiers.

Tier 1 - Favorites to be in the MAC Championship Game - Toledo is a unanimous first place pick while Bowling Green is either two or three on everyone's ballot.

Tier 2 - Should contend for their division - NIU, CMU, WMU, and Ohio are all very close to each other. The total average difference in ranking between the teams is 1.5 spots.

Tier 3 - Can get it together for a nice run - Then you have Buffalo and Ball State separated by 0.2 places.

Tier 4 - Looking to next year - Finally there is a mashup of Akron, Kent, UMass, and EMU. who are all only 0.8 spots apart. I'm not positive Akron belongs in here and not Tier 3 but the numbers are what they are.

Tier 5 - Looking forward to 2017 - Miami is the consensus worst team in the MAC right now.

The big loser this week was Ohio, whose dumpster fire against WMU cost them four places. The big winners were the boys from Kent who moved up three spots into a tie for 10th.