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MAC Football Power Rankings

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

This weeks conference play put's Toledo in a class of their own as Bowling Green, NIU, Ohio, CMU, and WMU are all chasing the Rockets.

Rank Team Score LW CH Comment
1 TOL 1.2 1 0 We still have one editorial hold out that does not think Toledo is the class of the MAC but it's getting more and more apparent that the Rockets are front runners.
2 OHIO 2.2 3 1 Ohio has quietly put together a nice run this season. If not for a very questionable call in Minneapolis they might be 6-0.
3 BG 2.6 2 -1 The Falcons are 2-0 in MAC play and dropped 62 points on UMass. If their defense holds up they will be a hand full for any team left on their schedule.
4 NIU 4.0 5 1 WMU did the Huskies a big favor by knocking down the Chips. That along with the resurgence of the Northern Illinois offense bodes well for their hopes of a repeat.
5 CMU 6.0 4 -1 Central Michigan trailed the entire game in Kalamazoo and the Broncos exposed a vulnerable run defense.
6 WMU 6.2 8 2 Just when you're ready to write off the Broncos they knock off the Chips and muddy the water in the MAC West. Right now it's Toledo and then NIU, CMU, or WMU.
7 BUF 7.4 7 0 Bulls sit idle but the week off showed UB is already behind the eight ball. Ohio and Bowling Green are 2-0 in conference and Lance Leipold has yet to get a MAC win.
8 BSU 7.6 6 -2 Ball State's offense played well but the Huskies made short work of their defense. They may have what it takes to bowl this year but they are pretty far behind CMU, WMU, and NIU.
9 AKR 8.6 9 0 The Zips are 3-3 and 1-1 in the MAC. Much better than some thought they would be at this point in the season.
10 MASS 10.4 11 1 UMass has an offense which can throw points up but will their defense help them end their stay in the MAC on a winning note?
11 EMU 11.0 10 -1 EMU is 1-5 and their next three games are against NIU, Toledo, and WMU. There is a real chance they are 1-8 heading into a big pillow fight against Miami.
12 KENT 11.0 12 0 Kent's role next week in the MAC is as a measuring stick for UMass.
13 MIA 12.8 13 0 Not much to say on Miami. The Redhawks offense was totally ineffective against Ohio.

The big gainers this week are the Broncos of WMU. Beating the Chips move them up two spots and into a near tie with CMU. Ball State got the other side of the coin, falling two spots.