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Ten Things We Learned This Week

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

1) Enos is a metaphor for the US Auto Industry - Dan Enos Self-Marrones, providing two good landing spots for the Old Quinner, HC at CMU or OC at UConn.

2) They're outside dogs - NIU spends all their money on Football, plays piss poor Basketball.

3) BYEami - Call us Will Smith, because we own Miami. Since 2012, UB Football is 3-0 against the Hawks and UB Men's Basketball is 5-1 against Miami. I take extreme pleasure in this because Miami used to really pile it on again UB in football.

4) Not Sure if Ivy Troll or... - Dartmouth with some bad twitter, even if it was a troll, it wasn't very clever. Keggy the Keg wasn't ready for that promotion to social media coordinator.

5) Shark Week - Kristen Sharkey 1,000 points, she is good at basketball.

6) One Buffalo, except UB, Bisons, FC Buffalo - Will the Bills price fans into UB fans, no. Can we use their stadium and facilities for the price of on the house? Maybe.

7) The Garbage Talking, Field Goal Criticizing Buffalo Blogger - Really it's about ethics in journalism.

8) NYBI - The most popular team in the department.

9) UB Basketball -

10) HURLeyball - Noun - Inconsistent basketball that makes you want to throw up.

In 17 games, UB has shot 15% worse from the field in one half six times. They were 15% worse in 3 point shooting 12 times and scored 10 points less in one half 8 times.

They had accomplished peak inconsistency three times:


First Half: 44.4% fg, 57.1% from three, 38 points.

Second Half: 21.1% fg, 0% from three, 14 points.

Grand Canyon:

First Half: 59.4% fg, 53.8% from three, 45 points.

Second Half: 40.9% fg, 0% from three, 35 points.


First Half: 22.2% fg, 18.2% from three, 18 points.

Second Half: 53.3% fg, 50% from three, 45 points.

UB had that out of their system until the CMU game.


First Half: 59.4% fg, 50% from three, 45 points.

Second Half: 34.5% fg, 18.2% from three, 28 points.

That Said BEAT THE BOBCATS see you next week.