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Rob Ianello Officially Hired By Lance Leipold to Coach at Buffalo.

The former Akron Head Coach will server as an associate head coach, receivers coach, and as a recruiting coordinator.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Football scoop is reporting that Rob Ianello will transition from his interim role to a full coaching position on the staff of Buffalo head coach Lance Leipold. Ianello, who lives in New York State, volunteered to head the transition of the program a day after Lance Leipold was hired. It was described at the time as a temporary consulting position.

From 2005-09, Ianello served as wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator at Notre Dame. While at Nothre dame he brought in three consecutive top-10 recruiting classes. After he coached for two years at Akron Ianello was went on as an assistant at Kansas where he procured the 25th-rated signing class to Kansas in 2013.

I put zero weight on his recruiting at Notre Dame but helping to build a top 25 class at Kansas does grab ones attention. KU is not exactly a football power house and it was a mess in 2012 as the Jayhawks decided to part ways with Turner Gill after just two seasons.

When he took over the transition I made note that his future at UB, if there was any, would involve coaching receivers. Aside from his recruiting duties at Notre Dame and Kansas Weis focused on the wideouts.

I'm not over the moon about iCoach given the smoking crater he left at Akron but being that I am in an optimistic mood here is my spin.

The Akron stint is not material to his role at UB.

First head coaching is very different than position coaching. Often times a great position coach will flop horribly as a head coach... **Cough** Quinn **Cough**... They can be passionate knowledgeable football minds who for one reason or another don't do well in the captains chair. From what I have head Ianello is a decent to good position coach for receivers and thats where Leipold has him sitting,

As a recruiter he did well at Kansas which may be a lot easier than doing well at UB but it's a hell of a lart harder than recruiting at most of the other Big12 schools. Now I've not seen a lot of movement on the recruiting trail for UB so Ianello has about ten scholarships to wow us, lets see what he gets done by signing day.