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College Football Playoff National Championship - Who are you rooting for?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Time and Place: 8:30pm EST, AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas

TV: ESPN for the main coverage. But the ESPN Networks (both on TV and online) will have a ton of options for how you want to watch the game, including a "Film Room" broadcast and audio with Jerry Allen. Check out their full options here.

Streaming: WatchESPN.

Note that WatchESPN had troubles keeping up with the demand, so you may want to look to alternatives if they are supplied by your ISP. For example, Comcast's stream for ESPN is located here. Uvsere subscribers should be able to stream ESPN here. Time Warner also has a streaming app that may work also.

Odds: Oregon opened as 7-point favorite. It fluctuated a bit, with it dropping to -5.5 after the Darren Carrington suspension. However, late money pushed the line back to -6.5 or -6 in the major books.


Seeing Florida State exposed and watching Ohio down the number one team in the nation gives me hope that someday a real playoff will come to college football, in the meantime I'll enjoy the "playoff lite" version of four teams which is now the norm.

So I will tune in tonight but for the life of me I have no clue who to root for? The evil team from the midwest or the evil team from Oregon?

Why to hate Oregon:

1 - They turned College football into a damn fashion show. Look I like a sleek uniform as much as the next fan and occasional you have a 70's Astros team or 80' Buccaneers uniform that deserves derision. But for the most part pick good colors and put the school's logo on the helmet... Fin..

Not Oregon, they and Nike have conspired to turn game day into something involving Joan Rivers. Oh Look at what they are wearing.

2 - Their fans are some of the biggest bandwagon fans in college football. There is always an ebb and flow to fanbases but I cant wait until they have a couple of 6 or 5 win seasons. Lets see if the surge of fans sticks around for ugly uniforms and ugly football.

3 - They built their "Duck Dynasty" on donor money funneled to pay for players. Oregon paid Willie Lyles $25,000 for a "national recruiting package" which didn't exist. What Oregon was really paying for was Lyles' personal connections with recruits, most notably Texas high schoolers, LaMichael James and Lache Seastrunk.

Why to hate Ohio State:

1 - They still have not finished their state house..

Some day they will put a dome here.. In the meantime the rather unimpressive statehouse will always be fun to hate.

2 - "THE" Ohio State - If you thought the title "The Ohio State University" was douchy wait until you get a taste of the history behind it. You see back in the 90's Ohio University, the Bobcats, obtained a trademark for their "OHIO" logo. Being that they are older than Ohio State and they are named "Ohio" that should have been the end of it.

Well Ohio State University filed a petition with the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office to cancel Ohio University's trademark of "Ohio." and thankfully lost. That's when they started calling themselves "THE Ohio State University" or some other sour grapes inspired slogan.

As an added bonus they sued a fan for making and selling a shirt with people spelling out Ohio...

3 - Dirty Rotten Buckeyes

In one of the biggest institutional lapses of the BCS era, at least among teams playing in BCS Bowls, Ohio State's players were trading rings, uniforms, awards, and lord knows what else to get inked up.

When Jim Tressel heard about he he did.... Nothing!

And when news finally broke before their bowl game Tressel decided to buck nut up and...

Do Nothing...