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Buffalo Bulls vs Baylor Bears Depth Chart and Press Conference

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

First this week's press conference:

Then the Depth Chart.

Offense First Second
WR Ron Willoughby John Dunmore
WR Devon Hughes Jacob Martinez
LT Jake Silas Matt Murphy
LG Andre Davis Todd Therrien
C Trevor Sales B. Manosalvas
RG Robert Blodtgett - or B.  Manosalvas
RT John Kling Albert McCoy
TE Matt Weiser - or Mason Schreck
QB Joe Licata Tony Daniel
RB Anthone Taylor Campbell / Johnson
FB Boomer Brock Kendall Patterson
WR Marcus McGill Jamarl Eiland
WR Boise Ross Malcolm Robinson
Defense First Second
DE Brandon Crawford Max Perisse
NG Kristjan Sokoli Dalton Barksdale
DE Tedroy Lynch Kendall Roberson
OLB Jarrett Franklin Kyril Threats
ILB Lee Skinner Lis / Jackson
ILB Jake Stockman Pitzonka / Gilbo
OLB Okezie Alozie Stancil / Glass
CB Cortney Lester Brandon Williams
SS Adam Redden Brandon Berry
FS Witney Sherry Andrews Dadeboe
CB Dwellie Striggles Andrews Dadeboe
First Second
P Tyler Grassman Brian Orzechowski
PK Patrick Clarke Tyler Grassman
LS Corbin Grassman Marcus McGill
HLD Tyler Grassman Tony Daniel
KOR Devin Campbell Eiland / Martinez
PR Marcus McGill Devin Campbell

There is only one change on this weeks depth chart and that is the absence of Marqus Baker who had been listed as UB's starting corner each of the first two weeks. Baker missed both games because of an ongoing illness which has taken him off the roster outright this week.

Last year Baker played as a depth cornerback in all 13 games. He finished off the season with 16 tackles (10 solo) to go along with one interception. UB lost Najja Johnson to graduation and Baker stepped in to take the role during the off season.

For the past two weeks Dwellie Striggles has tried to fill the hole left by Baker but the Bulls pass defense has struggled against both Army and Dusquesne. Now Striggles and the Bulls defense will face their toughest test of the season.

Otherwise it seems there is nothing in the personnel area that the coaching staff felt needed changing after the 47-39 loss to Army.

Depth charts are not worth a whole lot but for what it's worth Quinn and company like who they have, despite this season's mixed results.