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Mid American Conference Power Rankings

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports
Rank Team PR Δ Comment
1 NIU 2 1 Hard to call beating North Western a "Marquee Victory" but this week the MAC will take it.
2 Ball State 3 1 Heart Breaking Loss by the Cards, they were a minute away from giving the MAC a 3-1 edge over the Big Ten today.
3 Toledo 1 -2 Toledo's pass defense left a lot to be desired but you do have to keep in mind they were playing the #24 team in the nation.
4 BGSU 4 0 Now we know Bowling Green understand the concept of defense, hopefully week 1 was an outlier.
5 Ohio 5 0 I thought Ohio had what it took to stay with Kentucky but the SEC squad score 14 in the first and just cruised.
6 CMU 10 4 Fire Up Chips! And hand the MAC a Big10 Victory.
7 Akron 6 -1 7-3 late in the 3rd Quarter. shows that this 21-3 game was a lot closer then you might think. Another Building game for Akron?
8 WMU 8 0 WMU hold their spot with a week off.
9 Buffalo 7 -2 Buffalo seems to have *some* rhythm on offense but their defense is simply pathetic. If they don't fix the "D" even with their schedule this is at best a 4 win team.
10 Kent 9 -1 Tough loss for Kent but despite the recent move up South Alabama is no slouch.
11 EMU 12 1 What else did we expect Florida to do to Eastern Michigan. "The Factory" may be built but it's not yet equiped to win.
12 UMass 13 1 UMass starts to climb up a bit because of Miami's loss and their own respectable play.
13 Miami 11 -2 Miami helped take a lot of eyes off of some pretty bad MAC losses today. For MAC fans everywhere... Thank you Miami!