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UB Stadium Versus: Week 4

Vaughn Ridley

Bounce Back Bulls

Since 2011, when UB loses at home, the Bulls are 5-2 in their next home game.

Our House, Our Rules

UB is 9-1 in their last 10 games at UB Stadium


Taking Care of Home

UB is +.500 through three home games for the ninth time in UB history and for the third time in the Quinn era.


UB teams that have started 2-1 at home have finished 14% better than the UB teams that started the season 1-2 or worse at home.


Cleared the Home Game 3 Hurdle

For some reason UB is best in their first and fourth home games and worst in their third home game. UB won their third home game against Norfolk and look to win home game #4 vs Miami.


FCS Fearless

UB's last FCS loss came in 2003, one of the longest streaks in the MAC


UB has won seven consecutive games against FCS opponents.