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Mid American Conference Power Rankings

Wins over Purdue, Northwestern and Indiana may have gotten the Big Ten's goat earlier this season but this Sunday they sent Michigan State, Penn State, and Wisconsin to take back the goat and set fire to the MAC's barn.

While that was going on NIU and Akron got blown out, Miami and Central Michigan each let a chance for a quality win slip through their fingers, and the Bull, Ohio, and WMU all settled for wins over FCS or very weak FBS teams.

All in all it was a terrible week for the conference. Toledo and Ball state faced off but the big winners may have been Kent State, who stayed home and watched the chaos on TV.

Rank Team PR Δ Comment
1 NIU 1 0 Well any talk about the MAC taking that G5 slot may have ended tonight. NIU will hold their #1 spot because none of the top teams looked very impressive
2 Toledo 3 1 I don't typically do "Ties" on these rankings. If you're going to post a SWAG be decisive. If I was going to put a tie it would be between Toledo and NIU.
3 BGSU 2 -1 I just can't figure out this Bowling Green team. They have serious consistency issues on defense. Some days the class of the MAC and others... Bleh..
4 Ohio 7 3 Ohio climbs a bit but its more because I don't know what to do with Ball State...
5 WMU 6 1 Fleck has now won two games and beat an FCS team, both things he failed to do with Western Michigan in year one.
6 Ball State 4 -2 What's going on in Muncie? Is the Lembo magic wearing off? First they lose to ISU and now get downed by Toledo.
7 Akron 5 -2 Beating Marshall was a long shot but I thought the Zips would do better than 2-13 on 3rd downs and 4 turnovers.
8 CMU 8 0 Central played three good quarters today, one more and they might have beaten Kansas. They gave up two big 4th quarter touchdown passes.
9 Buffalo 10 1 Nothing really learned here for Buffalo. Except that even the worst offense in the Championship subdivision can throw a 68 yard bomb on them.
10 UMass 9 -1 For the first time this season UMass looked like. Well. UMass. The game was not as bad as the score indicated and just one turnover is a good take away
11 Kent 12 1 Kent Benefits from EMU's dumpster fire.
12 Miami 13 1 Miami Looked like they were in that game for awhile but in the end the Hawks are just not ready to start winning games.... But they are close.
13 EMU 11 -2 There are no words for what EMU let Michigan State do to them. *SIX* EMU Turnovers made piling up 73 points a piece of cake.