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Norfolk State Media on This Week's Game

Take a look at what Norfolk-area media are saying about tomorrow's football game between the NSU Spartans and our UB Bulls

Time for another round of Behind Enemy Lines, where we take a look at what the opposition media is saying about UB's next game. I, for on, will be glad to get on to conference games, both because I'm more familiar with MAC media outlets, and because familiar opponents will have more to say.

As it stands this week, there's not a whole lot of press covering Norfolk State, and even fewer who don't take a long, hard look at VT, UVA, ODU, and JMU before getting to the Spartans. This problem is further compacted by the fact that the NSU student newspaper seems to create no original content and just grift stories off the NSU athletics website and the AP.

In this small selection, we've got the usual preview materials from NSU Athletics, a TV report, and a couple of pieces from The Hampton Roads Pilot.

Norfolk State University Spartans Athletics - Spartans Cap Non-Conference Schedule at Buffalo

Norfolk State Game Notes

NSU gets ready for FBS showdown at Buffalo | WAVY-TV

Despite slow start, Spartans stay confident | |
Win or lose once more before the league opener against Morgan State, players and coaches believe the early-season adversity will make them stronger in the long run.

At NSU, defense takes offense to the doubters | |
Conference affiliation has a lot to do with our opinions, sight unseen, of college football teams. But sometimes, casual perceptions can be skewed, as in the case of Norfolk State - its defense, at any rate.