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Buffalo Bulls vs Norfolk State Statistics

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The numbers this week convey the point that Matt and I were trying to make on yesterday's Last Bull In.

The Norfolk offense is easily the worst offense Buffalo has seen in quite some time. They are ranked near the bottom of the 124 teams which make up the Football Championship Subdivision in multiple offensive categories. Those include total offense, passing offense, passing efficiency, scoring offense, third down conversion rate, and redzone offense.

The defense brought by the Spartans is class of the lower division. Ranked 9th overall 21st across the run and 13th against the run the Spartans are good across the board. They are very adept on third down, stopping teams from converting 75 percent of the time.

To me the only conceivable path to victory for the Spartans is to hope their defense can some how stifle UB for 60 minutes while their offense manages one or two big plays to put points on the board.