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MAC Blogger Roundtable

This week "Let's Go Rockets"  coordinated the roundtable. Here are my answers.

1) Three weeks into the season, discuss the biggest surprise (positive or negative) with your respective team?

The biggest surprise is a diverse set of receivers. For years UB has had just one or two receivers which were used. This season however they seem to be spreading the ball around quite a bit more. I honestly did not see that coming, especially in a world where last year's #3 receiver was moved to defensive back.

Little on the defensive side of the ball surprises me. Lou Tepper is a fine positional coach but he is married to his scheme. No matter how misaligned his vision might be with our personnel he will not go off page.

2) If you could augment your team with any one player (or coach) from any team in the country, who would you select and why?

I'm going to go with Pat Narduzzi. Buffalo needs a defensive coordinator who can use multiple schemes and adjust to changing personnel assets.

3) What, if any, game plan changes do you expect to see from your respective team as we dive in to the conference schedule?

Expect? None. We will continue to keep Redden as a safety and use him as a linebacker. We will continue to hang our backup cornerback out to dry. So UB will try to win shootouts with other MAC teams.

While I don't expect any changes "Hope Springs Eternal".

4) It’s time for the first MAC Blogger ranking of the season - rank all 13 teams in the conference.

Here are my weekly Rankings.

The Cliff notes- NIU, BGSU, Toledo, Ball State, Akron, WMU, Ohio, CMU, UMass, Buffalo, EMU, Kent, Miami.