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Baylor 63 - Buffalo 21 Player of the Game

Vaughn Ridley

Filling in for John this week to bring you our usual player of the game post. Hopefully this and Conrad's Post Game Meal are the last of looking back at getting tripled up by Baylor and we can start to get ready for Saturday's game against Norfolk State.

Each nomination from John and I is a bit out of the box this week, so feel free to put forward your own suggestion in the comments.

Matt Gritzmacher:

My player of the week is Jordan Johnson. I could put up any number of Baylor offensive players, but it's kind of like the one side of the MVP debate: best stats, or most valuable to the team?

Anyway, I'm going with a promising performance that bodes well for the rest of the season. Two wide receivers winning POTW in Weeks One and Two, and nine different options catching a pass in Week Three shows that Licata has a diverse arsenal for the passing attack, but the running game will be just as important both when playing with a lead and when keeping the offense balanced trying to erase a deficit.

While Anthone Taylor rode his 40 yard touchdown run to 47 total yards on 13 carries, Johnson tied Shock Linwood for the rushing lead on the day, amassing 97 yards on 20 carries, and ten more on a single reception. In 20 carries he was only dropped for a loss twice.

John McWhinnie:

I haven't gotten any other nominations but my pick would be the fans. Kinda cliche, but in all my time at UB I've never had so much fun at a football game. The fans created and electric atmosphere that was actually quite hostile. True Blue came out in full force and the community really did their part as well. When I was walking from my apartment over to the student tailgate, traffic was bumper to bumper and all of the lots were packed full. We got a glimpse of what the community can do for the program and that definitely deserves some recognition.

Want to call shenanigans on John's nominee? (I don't.) Think Johnson is the wrong Bull to recognize? Think we should be talking Baylor in this space? Let us know.