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Baylor 63 - Buffalo 21 Play of the Game

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Another game, another round of Key Play of the Game nominations from Bull Run editors. Check out our analysis and suggest your own key plays in the comments

Dave Brand:

My play of the game was UB's final score: the great catch in the corner of the end zone by Robinson.

The biggest fear I had coming into this season was depth at the wide receiver position, but I see now that I should have been more worried about the cornerbacks.

Daniel lofted the high pass perfectly and Robinson made a great leap and catch for the TD. Wide receiver will be a strength of this team for a few years for sure.

Tim Riordan:

I want to say the Robinson TD, as well, but I am also leaning towards the Taylor run.

I'm going to go with the Taylor run because we need that when conference play comes.

I see more positives from this years contest than I saw from last season's, and Taylor's play, from a player that will be key for UB during the MAC schedule, was one we didn't see in last year's game against the Bears.

Matt Gritzmacher:

My play of the game is the missed connection between Licata and McGill. I'm normally the first to look for omens of future success in rough games, and I said several times I didn't have any expectations of victory in this game, even in a scenario when everything went right.

But the McGill play was the lone moment in the first half when we saw UB's ones match up with Baylor's ones. There's lots to build on from later, and no reason to think it could have been the spark for an upset, but damn, I would have liked to see that one connect.

Once again, tell us what you think in the comments.