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Mid American Conference Power Rankings

Joe Robbins
Rank Team PR Δ Comment
1 NIU 1 0 It's looking more and more like NIU has come through yet another change of guard at Quarterback as the MAC's best team.
2 BGSU 4 2 That's what they call a character win for Bowling Green. Get a lead, give up the lead, and then score in the last minute to win against a B1G program.
3 Toledo 3 0 Toledo's pass defense is going to need a big upgrade if they want to better Northern Illinois this year.
4 Ball State 2 -2 There are two rules (1) don't lose to an FCS team and (2) if you must lose to an FCS team have it be an out of state program.
5 Akron 7 2 Akron Moves up during their bye week becaose of CMU and Ohio's dumpsterfires.
6 WMU 8 2 Jarvion Franklin just made the MAC take notice of the Bronco's running game. The Broncos could find themselves in the middle tier of the west this year.
7 Ohio 5 -2 Ohio let Marshall drop 700 yards on them. Thats more than Buffalo gave up to Baylor or Kent gave up to OSU. This could be a bad year for the Bobcats D
8 CMU 6 -2 After downing Purdue I thought they had an outside shot of giving Syracuse a game, boy was I wrong.
9 UMass 12 3 Well hand it to UMass for playing better football this season. Their last two P5 losses are by a total of 6 points.
10 Buffalo 9 -1 The Bulls showed in the second half that their offense might be ok without Branden Oliver and Alex Neutz. But can their defense function without Mack?
11 EMU 11 0 EMU nearly got blanked by Old Dominion. The Eagles offense has been very suspect this season.
12 Kent 10 -2 There are no positives for Kent to take from the 66-0 beating Ohio State gave them, save maybe the big fat check.
13 Miami 13 0 Miami kept it interesting but in the end they went back to being Miami and Michigan went back to being the Wolverines.