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Buffalo - Baylor Postgame Sound Bites

Select sound bites from postgame after UB's 63-21 loss to Baylor on Friday evening.

Vaughn Ridley

With only minor edits to clean up common speech noise.

Jeff Quinn on the game:

It was a disappointing loss against a very good football team. ... On our side of the ball defensively we did not perform on the back end the way we needed to and that really cost us. I thought our run defense stepped up tonight; that was something that we emphasized this past week. Our kids played with really good effort when it came to stopping the run game

Offensively, you know, obviously at halftime we didn't have any points on the board; we needed to establish an opportunity to do that. Early in the game we had a big explosive play that we didn't connect on. It could have given us a lift early: we're always looking for how to be explosive early in the game and we just couldn't connect with Marcus McGill, who was wide open down the stretch there.

I thought in the second half being able to put 21 points on the board, the way we ran, Anthone Taylor had a really strong run. ... Being able to put 21 points on the defense that hadn't given up a touchdown all year shows that our kid understand what we need to do

It just wasn't a complete game for us. We know that there were some miscues at times and we just need to clean that up. We gotta go back and watch film and try to get better, and I know we will, and I know there's kids in there that are demonstrating a mature responsible response to our coaching, and our coaches need to continue to get those kids in the right positions and show them what they need to do so they can execute. We gotta get back on the winning track.

On the 89 yard touchdown and Baylor's speed

When you think about those guys running down the field without being contested, that always concerns you as a coach. The communication wasn't what it needed to be. On the back end we knew that we needed to be communicating better so that we could line up in the right proper position so we could defend routes. ... We knew they were gonna run verticals, we knew they were gonna run posts. It wasn't anything we didn't see, and that's what they make a living on. ... The match ups were obviously something we were concerned about going into this game, and they took advantage of it and we got exposed on a couple plays.

On the momentum swing after the McGill drop

Those are things that you cant miss in this game. They're accountable, our players are accountable, and when we put you in a position to make a play and you're that wide open, there's no excuse not to convert, none. ... We practice that stuff, and we hit big explosive plays early in practice, so they get that mindset, and we didn't convert on it. ... They make the play, we don't, and there's a 14 point swing before you know it.

On competing with the #8 team in the country as a heavy underdog

The only team that can beat us is us ourselves, and there's a couple moments in today's game where we didn't deliver our best performance at times whether it was lack of focus or... whatever. That's the stuff I'm constantly trying to get my point across to them. I saw flashes of those things taking place but to put it all together against a team like that you can't let them jump out to a 21, 35, before you know it youre battling an uphill battle against a team that you know they know how to close out games.

On sticking to the run despite the deficit

I saw some strong runs from Jordan Johnson, he's got the ability to be effective for us, Anthone Taylor, and you saw Zach Nicholas a true freshman step in there. We're going to continue to try to make that a priority in our offensive scheme to establish that and try and do that throughout the game. there's going to be times we're going to need the run game to hang our hats on to close out games.

On the atmosphere and what it means for Baylor and ESPN to be here

We're trying to establish a big time college environment here; what we have to do is capitalize on it and continue to grow this program. We gotta develop a better product on the field in order for us to be able to do that.

We want the kids to know they can be effective, to know they can play with some of the best compeition in the country.

On the decision to switch Boise Ross to defense

It's a good move that helps our team. He's excited about it and wants to contribute in any way he can.

The orginal discussion [since camp] was to play him at both postiions, and after tonight we see we need full time commitment to the defense. Since Marqus Baker has been out we started to have those conversations; we started putting him in some different subpackages but we were still gonna have him as starting wide receiver. Obviously we need him at defensive back full time.

[If Marqus were to come back] Right now we're seeing that day to day, going to leave that open. It could change if Marqus comes back and everything's good to go, it would allow us an opportunity [to switch ross back].

Joe Licata on Willoughy and McGill with only one catch between them

I never go into a game thinking that I'm gonna throw a ball to Ron or Marcus, I never go in thinking that. I just go in taking what the defense gives me, so no it wasn't anything in the game pan, it was just was what they were dictating on defense. [Do you think Baylor was taking them out of the game at all?] A little bit. Other guys stepped up; Devon Hughes played well today. we just didn't capitalize on certain situations

On the early throw to McGill

It was a great look for the play. Coach Wood made a great play call on that. ... It felt good coming out my hands; I'm not sure what happened.

On the touchdown to Devon Hughes

That was a check down; they were in off coverage. Coach called a great play, then last second they checked down into Cover 0 and it was one of our Cover 0 play checks, but there was only six seconds left on the play clock when they showed zero, so we had to check to it quickly and then the guys did a great job, the offensive line made great blocks for Devon, and Devon found the seam and he's got that breakaway speed to take it to the house.

On fast starts vs playing from behind

It definitely puts us in a hole. We've gotta start faster. To be honest I don't know how you do that, you just gotta keep fighting and not put pressure on yourself. We just gotta keep going out there and play from snap one to the last snap of the game. [How do you avoid pressing when you do have to stick to the gameplan?] That's when your football background has to come into play and you have to just know and have faith on your coaches ... to call great plays. We know that we have a capable offense that can score at any time, whether it's one play or that sixteen play drive that we had in Week One. We know we can score so we're not too worried about it.

Lee Skinner right after the game said 'man, that was a winnable game', and it definitely was. We missed a lot of opportunities out there. Give credit to them; they're a great team and they dictated a lot out there, but we missed some opportunities. But yes, I expected to win ... I hope they're playing in the playoffs so we can say that we played them.

Whitney Sherry on the 89 yard KD Cannon touchdown

That was just a miscommunication in the secondary. We could have done a better job with our checks. He may run whatever time but we can play fast, that was just a one play breakdown.

On Taylor's TD run and rushing to the line after the flea flicker

It wasn't because of the review. Coach Wood told me on the sideline "as soon as we hit it, we're gonna run up to the line and run power'. It was the plan from the sideline.

On Taylor wearing 54 in practice and postgame

My high school teammate; he played for Kent state and he passed away right before the season. So I try to do this to be dedicated to him. Having him as a teammate I wouldn't be where I am today without him and I just try to keep him in my spirit.

On using lessons learned from the Stony Brook game after last year's Baylor game in preparation for Norfolk State

Whitney - We just gotta start out fast in all the corners of our team. We started out today and we slowed down. Norfolk State, we can't underestimate them. We just gotta play hard.

Anthone - We definitely gotta take every opportunity we get and go into every possession and put up points. We can't continue to have empty drives.

Brandon - When we go into practice this week we just have to learn from the mistakes we made this week. Don't let it set us back, but actually learn from what happened and let that help up going into our next game.