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This Weekend in Bulls Olympic Sports

You may have heard that football has a game against Baylor tonight. I hope that you'll attend. I also hope that you'll pay attention to UB's four other teams in action this weekend.

Matt Gritzmacher

Football is taking on Baylor, and that's probably taking most of your attention, but I wouldn't be adequately fulfilling my role as Olympic Guru here at Bull Run if I didn't keep you up to date on all the other teams putting their best feet forward for UB this weekend.

I'm still trying to figure out the best part of the week to post This Week in Bull. For the first two weeks of the fall I went with Sunday night, but that doesn't work because there's a glut of football stuff to say on Sunday and Monday, and at least for now none of UB's teams are really playing in the middle of the week.

So for now, and we'll see, it's This Weekend in Bull.

Men's Soccer has another two matches this weekend. Though both are on the road, they'll be close-by, as UB will be hosted tonight at 7:00 PM by the Niagara Paper Eagles and on Sunday evening at 7:00 PM by Canisius. I'll rebroadcast tonight's game as best I can among our football coverage, and will have live coverage of the Canisius game.

This weekend is the first crack at any of UB's Big Four rivals for the Bulls this season. New this year the local rivals have come together to create the Big Four Shield, a traveling trophy that follows the winner of a Big Four match up.

Big Four Shield Introduced By Local Men's Soccer Rivals - Buffalo

Women's Soccer has another one-match weekend. But boy, that one match is a doozy. By the time you're reading this, it may have already started, as our Bulls are in Blacksburg, Virginia to take on the Virginia Tech Hokies. We've been talking about football's tough test in Baylor all week, but I believe that this afternoon's game against #3 Virginia Tech in a more stratified sport is a tougher test for the women than football faces.

UB of course has not yet allowed a goal on the season, while Virginia Tech is 6-0-0, so something is going to bend. I'll rebroadcast stuff on Twitter for this one as well.

Women's Tennis is off and rolling a week after the men got started, competing in the three-day Cornell Invitational. My first Tennis/Cross Country/Rowing roundup is coming after this weekend, so I'll have more on the tennis season openers then.

Finally, Women's Volleyball has traveled to Chicago to compete in an invitational hosted by UIC. At 5:00 this afternoon they'll take on Western Illinois, and will match up with the host Flames and Eastern Kentucky tomorrow. Without a UB football game to focus on, I'll look to atone for missing volleyball completely last weekend by finding a stream and covering Saturday's matches as best I can.

Go Bulls!