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Buffalo Bulls - Duquesne Dukes Play of the Game

UB Athletics

Earlier today, John brought you our Bull Run player of the week from the Bulls' season opener against Duquesne. Unsurprisingly, it was a clean sweep among the Bull Run editors to put up wide receiver Ron Willoughby for the award.

In addition to Player of the Game, we'll also be taking a weekly look at the most important plays of the game. Happily there's a little more variety among us this week, so read on and be sure to vote in the poll at the end.

Matt Gritzmacher:


The play of the game for me isn't any of the Bulls' five touchdowns, but probably the key play for UB in that massive, 16 play drive that turned a 3-point UB lead with eight minutes to go into a 10-point lead with just 90 seconds to go.

On UB's first series after finally forcing a couple of 3-and-outs from Duquesne, UB used two long passes to Ron Willoughby to take the lead. The third quarter, however, showed that the Dukes could overcome a three-point deficit, and prior to that scoring drive UB had gone just 1-6 on third down since Marcus McGill's punt return fumble.

Facing third and four from his own 31 with over seven minutes left to play, Licata was able to find Wiloughby for 13 yards. After that, the Bulls turned to the running game to really choke down the fourth quarter, and we're fortunate to only be playing "what if?' had Duquesne gotten the ball back earlier.

John McWhinnie:


My play of the game would have to be Willoughby's touchdown to seal the game. UB desperately needed a receiver to step up and he looked like Alex Neutz out there. He made spectacular catches, moved the chains, and looked like Licata's go to target. He won the game for UB, and he stepped up in a big way.

Tim Riordan:

My play of the game was the second touchdown pass to Willoughby. It was the first very smooth connection between Licata and one of his receivers on what was a well drawn up play after the offense effectively used the run to soften up the Dukes.

Licata read the play and got the ball out there before it had developed. Because of that Ron did not have to fight off one or two defensive backs to bring the ball in.

Dave Brand:


My play of the game was a 24 yard pass from Licata to, who else?, Ron Willoughby with 9:50 left in the game. The Bulls were trailing in the game at the time 28 - 24. The Bulls were reeling and needed a playmaker to step up. Licata with the fake to the running back never looked at another receiver. He saw Willoughby get a step on the Duquesne DB and a great throw to the student corner of the end zone. The Bulls would score again but this was the play that stopped the bleeding.

Bulls fans, what do you think? We've got a poll below, but it includes an 'Other' option apparently the "Other" didn't save. If you're not drinking the Willoughby Kool-Aid, tell us what else you'd vote for in the comments. Vote and explain your vote in the comments, especially if you're going Other!