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Khalil Mack Oakland Debut

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland fans, and of course UB fans, were hoping for Mack to make a big splash tonight in his first NFL action. The NFL preseason however does not always allow first string players to shine.

During the two series in which Mack played the rookie accumulated two tackles, one for a loss.

During the first series Mack was a role player. Dropping back into short coverage and occasional applying pressure in the backfield but he came away with no stats to show for it. His pressure was a factor on the play where Sims sacked Cassel.

It was in the second series where Mack made a difference. On a roll out pass from Terry Bridgewater to Patterson it was Mack who ran down the Minnesota receiver forcing him out of bounds at the Oakland 11. two plays later Shelby Harris forced a fumble and Mack, who just missed out on recovering the ball, was credited with tackling Matt Kalil for the loss.

It's likely that Mack's night is over, you'll see him again next week at home against Detroit.