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Khalil Mack Gets Ready for his NFL Debut

Khalil Mack has been a "story" ever since he took an interception back for six, outracing Braxton Miller on his way to the end zone. Every thing the Fort Pierce Native did from that point forward was viewed through a microscope. What effect would this have on his draft profile, could this play show he should be number one?

What would have frustrated many a player was taken in stride by Mack. At the end of the day Khalil has always been focused on football. So he went through his senior season chasing a record few outsiders thought he could catch. He caught it, helped take Buffalo to a Bowl and life went on.

Then the Combine came and Khalil erased any doubt as to his pedigree. There were still some who thought Macks smothering play and record breaking numbers were a product of weak competition in the Mid American Conference. His combine performance was not perfect but certainly showed he was one of the top defensive prospects in the NFL draft.

Mack corrected any gaps in his combine performance at the UB Pro day and then went about his tryouts with various NFL teams.

Still it seemed like the media drums never stopped beating, all the while Mack just wanted to play football. Even after he was drafted the circus did not end, it packed up and moved to Cali.

"I just want to go out and show that I can play football" was his standard answer to the "how does it feel" questions thrown his way this spring.

Well in less than an hour Mack will have his wish granted.