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Buffalo Bulls Depth Chart - Duquesne

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Offense 1st 2nd
WR Ron Willoughby John Dunmore
WR Devon Hughes Jacob Martinez
LT Jake Silas Matt Murphy
LG Andre Davis Todd Therrien
C Trevor Sales Brandon Manosalvas
RG Robert Blodtgett - or  Manosalvas
RT John Kling Albert McCoy
TE Matt Weiser - or Mason Schreck
QB Joe Licata Tony Daniel
RB Anthone Taylor Campbell / Johnson
FB Boomer Brock Kendall Patterson
WR Marcus McGill Jamarl Eiland
WR Boise Ross Malcolm Robinson
Defense 1st 2nd
DE Brandon Crawford Max Perisse
NG Kristjan Sokoli Dalton Barksdale
DE Tedroy Lynch Kendall Roberson
OLB Jarrett Franklin Kyril Threats
ILB Lee Skinner Greg Lis / S Jackson
ILB Jake Stockman T Pitzonka / Nick Gilbo
OLB Okezie Alozie C.J. Stancil / H Glass
CB Cortney Lester Brandon Williams
SS Adam Redden Brandon Berry
FS Witney Sherry Andrews Dadeboe
CB Marqus Baker Dwellie Striggles
ST 1st 2nd
P Tyler Grassman Brian Orzechowski
PK Patrick Clarke Tyler Grassman
LS Corbin Grassman Marcus McGill
HLD Tyler Grassman Tony Daniel
KOR Devin Campbell Eiland / Martinez
PR Marcus McGill Devin Campbell

It's the first game of the year and for UB that means a lot of depth chart changes. Replacing players like Khalil Mack, Derek Brim, Alex Neutz and others has been a hot topic ever since the Spud Bowl ended.

We are, pardon the pun, in uncharted territory. Here is what came out of this weeks game program from UB Athletics.

On offense the new pecking order for receivers goes like this. Ross, Hughes, McGill, and in four receiver sets Willoughby.

Anthone Taylor will be taking over from Branden Oliver. After missing 2012 because of an Injury Taylor ran for 399 yards on 82 carries (4.9 average). He scored three touchdown on the year.

Behind Taylor is Devin Campbell, Conrads X-Factor, and Sweet Home product Jordan Johnson. Johnson also missed last year when an August injury derailed his season.

Other than that everything looks pretty much the same as last season. By starting the game Licata becomes the first two time season starting Quarterback since Drew Willy back in 2007/2008.

On defense Kristjan Sokoli will anchor a line that includes Beandon Crawford and Tedroy Lynch.

The most interesting changes though are among the linebackers. UB lost Khalil Mack to graduation so many assumed the leadership of that unit would fall to Adam Redden, who was a third team all conference player last season.

On paper Redden is being moved from the linebackers to the defensive backfield where he will hold the strong safety position.

I say on paper because it's likely that Redden will be some sort of Safety / Linebacking hybrid back. He was a force in the backfield last year and demonstrated a capacity to generate turnovers.

Lee Skinner becomes the most accomplished linebacker on the field and he leads a unit that includes new starters Jarrett Franklin and Okezie Alozie.

Special teams offers few surprises.

Partick "MVP" Clarke is the kicker. Tyler Grassman punts and holds for place kicks while his cousin, Corbin, snaps.

Devin Campbell is returning kickoffs and Marcus McGill is returning punts.

Well that's it... Kickoff is just three days away!