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Buffalo Bulls Quarterback Joe Licata scouted against Dillon Buechel

A new weekly feature by Marcanthony Harrison!

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the first installment of Joe Versus, where I will focus on where Bulls QB Joe Licata, and the opposing quarterback will have the opportunity to succeed, and where they may have the potential to struggle.  With the Bulls going up against 1-AA opponent Duquesne, this week’s battle will be Joe versus Dillon Buechel.

Buechel, a RS Sophomore returning starting quarterback for the Dukes, will hope to continue his development as a passer from last year.  With Buechel throwing just as many interceptions (15) as touchdowns (14), he is going to look to be more consistent, with some of his decision making.  When given the ability to scan the defense with a clean pocket, he is pretty accurate with the ball.  Many of his bad throws and interceptions came on blitzes, and while the defense was in zone coverage.

He has great touch with the ball when completing throws 15-20 yards down the middle of the field, and on timing routes towards the sideline.   If the Dukes are able to get into the red zone, Buechel is not only athletic enough to run in for the score, but has the ability to roll out to either side and complete a quality ball.

Joe, the Bulls returning starter at quarterback, will be able to use this game, to possibly work out a few kinks.  Coming off of off-season surgery, and breaking in a new cast of wide receivers, this game against the Dukes will allow the offense to gain some much needed confidence.  With the Bulls starting some new playmakers, they will need to gain continuity, as well as a feel for the game. Next weeks game against Baylor will be drastically different in terms, of speed, and physical nature.

I look forward to seeing if Head Coach Jeff Quinn, has some new plays for the new cast of characters, that will be trotting onto the field.  I look for the Bulls coaching staff, to try and get Joe into a good rhythm early, with a few screens, and basic timing routes.  Doing so, will allow Joe to develop confidence in his receivers, and the overall offensive scheme.

Next week: Joe Versus Bryce Petty (Baylor QB)