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New Buffalo Football Field

At tonight's Women's Soccer season opener we got our first look at the new field in UB Stadium, which is complete and ready for the 2014 season. This isn't going to be a very long post, but just some tidbits now that we've got a chance to see it in person.

For reference, the picture above is from Section 206 on the 50 yard line - right in the middle of the donation seats and probably as good a view as anyone is going to get.

  • The silhouette of New York State that sits underneath the watermark is not as dark as I think any of us imagined. It's relatively clear in the parts of the state that aren't covered by the wordmark: NYC and Long Island, and the North Country, but isn't as visible in the busier parts of the logo.
  • Honestly, it's light enough that it may not be obviously NYS to those who aren't expecting it. On the flip side, the field is unequivocally green. I've never played football, but its not like there's a big black splotch in the middle of things that might be a distraction.
  • The state isn't centered on the 50 yard line. Rather, it's the "NEW YORK" wordmark. The western edge of NYS is at the 31, while the tip of Long Island is at the 27. "NEW YORK" also seems large, though I'm sure it's the same proportion as in every other instance of the wordmark.
  • This one has flown under the radar in all the talk, but the soccer lines tonight were black. Internet chatter suggested that they would be removed for football and reapplied between gridiron contests. However, some folks in the UB cheering section who are close to the team say that the lines will only be temporary until the Baylor football game on September 12, so that the field can look nice for the national audience, and after that new, permanent lines will be applied.
  • Now, I don't have much concern about the soccer lines either way - I'm just as invested in the success of the soccer teams as I am that of football. However, if the lines will indeed be permanent in a few weeks, I hope they're a color other than black. It was really tough, especially on the end lines, to see the soccer demarcations.
I'll be back at UB Stadium for the Men's Soccer exhibition against Rochester tomorrow afternoon, so there's anything more you want to find out, let me know and I'll make a note to catch it.