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Drew Willy added to the UB Hall of Fame!

When Drew Willy arrived in Buffalo from New Jersey the team had yet to show any signs of life since their transition to the Mid American Conference and the Bowl Subdivision. UB was cranking out terrible season after terrible season and the team's head coach, Jim Hofher, was on his way to being replaced.

Willy was handed the team midway through his freshman year and he acquitted himself well enough to keep the job under Buffalo's next coach, Turner Gill.

In three years as a starter Willy shattered school passing records and lead the Bulls to two division titles (2007, 2008), one conference title (2008), and the school's first bowl appearance. After his 2008 season most recruiting experts had Willy as a fifth or sixth round pick. Willy however slid to free agency where he was picked up by the Ravens and then by the Colts.

As a four year starter Willy set nearly every meaningful Buffalo passing record an took UB to the MAC Championship. And he did this despite suffing an injury in his second season.

At UB, Drew's story was an example to every young player, he showed you can't control injuries, you can't control who is recruited around you, and you will have bad games, but you can work hard to improve your game, and when you are knocked down, you control whether you get back up. Drew always gets back up.

Drew became a hero in Buffalo and then bounced around the NFL as a backup before he landed on the UFL champion Las Vegas Loco's. Another short stint in the NFL came before he moved up to Canada to play in the CFL for Saskatchewan. All told Drew Willy has played for three championship teams.

Today he is the starting Quarterback for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.