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Buffalo Bulls Alternative Uniform Includes a Black Helmet

Count UB among the growing number of programs that will feature a black helmet and uniform during the upcoming football season.

The Bulls announced the new look today during their annual summer practice Media Day.

The move adds a black helmet which will be used in conjunction with the Bulls all-black uniforms for special "Black Out" games. It’s an increasingly common practice among NCAA teams in all conferences.

In our own backyard Ohio joined the trend last season and earlier this summer Ball State announced their own alternative black helmets. The very long list of teams going with alternative helmets includes West Virginia and Cal. Sometimes these teams have three or more other looks featuring white, black, and gray. Of course, the leader in the clubhouse is the Nike Oregon Ducks, who famously never wear the same uni combo twice.

UB's helmets will be worn for the first time when the Bulls welcome Baylor to Amherst on Friday September 12th and be televised live on ESPN at 8:00 PM. 

For us die hard fans these "Blackout" games are not much more than a novelty. Let's face it, the Bulls could be wearing the uniforms of the Montreal Alouettes, which I consider to be about the worst look in at any level of football, and we would still tune in.

For more casual fans, students, and players the idea of a "Black Out" has grown in appeal over the years. If it looks sharp and gets some more students out to the games then perhaps the move is worth the investment.

But at the end of the day uniforms of any color always look better on the winning team.

Except the Alouettes. Go Bulls!