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Where Is The Heart of the State University of New York at Buffalo?

I was inspired to write this post from a tweet:

I thought specifically about my heart. My heart is literally in my chest. No one sees my heart. I could be lion-hearted, black hearted or my heart could grow 3 sizes one day, and no one would know.

Figuratively, heart is not something for display. When an athlete shows heart, dire circumstances reveal his or her hidden resolve. When you wear your heart on your sleeve, you express openly your hidden emotions, but that is not the default position of a figurative heart.

So UB's heart maybe be in Buffalo, but it's skin is New York. It's actually surprising we lasted this long with our heart exposed, but maybe with our hearts in the proper place we can finally become a healthy athletic property.

I see a lot of figurative heartbreak in our fans and or casual observers, but I say to them, cross my heart and hope to die, it'll be ok. The players haven't taken their talents to Broadway, the stadium has not moved, UB is still the UB that was there a day ago and a year ago. In fact this year there will be seven (7!) home games IN Buffalo. Be still thy beating hearts!

There is good in this move. First, Syracusers will be eating their hearts out, they so dearly want this state to be theirs as they struggle through ACC football. We can take it from them at least in football. Secondly many people will see the State on the field and wonder which city represents such a great State so proudly? These people will do research to get to the heart of the matter, and will find our fair Queen City has begun to rule the State as the King City has abdicated college football.

Thus removing the Buffalo could perhaps showcase the Buffalo. Alas, this is not the time to set one's heart against the NYBI, it is time take heart, and support. The day will come, and come soon, when that Google search is entered, and the stadium will show up on google images. And on that day, do we want some random person to see an empty stadium, with people boycotting the team due to a naming dispute? Or do we want that random person to see the true heart of Buffalo, eating, drinking, and watching their team defend the cities honor against the Ohio's and Massachusetts of the world? I think we'd want the latter.

it's time to support NYBI with all our hearts and souls because only then will the true heart of Buffalo shine through.