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Do you like Country?

It's not really my thing but when I had a chance to talk to UB Athletic Director Danny white early this past spring he told me that the country concerts were among the best received bu people attending the UB tailgate concert series last season. It was the feeling of the athletic department that the country concerts brought many new fans in for those games.

Country fans love their music so UB Athletics is going to give them more this season. More importantly the department is partnering with the biggest country radio station in Buffalo to publicize this years concerts.

The University at Buffalo Athletics Department announced a new media partnership with Country 106.5 WYRK on Tuesday. Western New York's most popular radio station will serve as a media partner for the Bulls' Tailgate Concert Series – specifically the four games featuring country acts this season.  -- UB Athletics

The lineup of country music this season is Easton Corbin on (8/30 - Duquesne), Joe Nichols (9/2 - Baylor), The Zac Brown Tribute Band (10/25 CMU), and  Frankie Ballard (11/11 - Akron).

The Athletics department is selling VIP tickets to the concerts which will be right in front of stage and start at $33. There is no mention of how many VIP tickets will be sold but they will include football tickets in section 106 where the  WYRK Breakfast Club will be assembled.

If you want one of these VIP tickets the line starts at Alumni Arena on July 14 at noon.

I'm not a concert kind of person, they are too crowded and noisy for me. Beyond that I can say with near certainty that few of the artist on this years slate for the concert series could ever be heard on my car radio.

That being said I know plenty of county fans who swear up and down that today's country is not Johnny Cash (who I actually do like listening to). Over the past 15 or so years country Music has emerged as a rather popular art form. It has loyal fans and rings in a lot of money. White saw some success on that last year and hopes to grow it this season.

If it gets more fans hearing about, talking about, and most importantly going to Buffalo sporting events then this is a good thing, even if I'd rather see rock music than country music.