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Khalil Mack Guest Writes for the MMQB

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Khalil Mack guest wrote the MMQB this week. He was able to sum up his 5-year experience at Buffalo into one paragraph, however it was a flattering paragraph which could help UB grab some recruits in the future:

Although it wasn't a powerhouse program, I loved my time at Buffalo. I invested a lot of hard work and time there to get myself to this point.

That said he did give a classic Buffalo weather quote:

I think my first impression of Oakland was, "Wow, the weather out here is nice." It's a lot different from where I was in Buffalo.

But to his credit Oakland has had very good weather, we are in a months long drought, and have had very mild weather. San Francisco has awful foggy summers, but the Bay and Silicon Valley escape that dreary existence.

Anyway after his paragraph on his time at UB, Mack goes in depth on his time after UB, the Combine, the Draft and his experiences with the Raiders so far. Head to the MMQB to check out the full article.