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Buffalo Bulls New Field

Old man winter did a number on the field at UB stadium. Should Danny White use this as a chance to further push along his NYBI?

The Buffalo football field was damaged by this past winters freakish number of freeze and thaw cycles which hit Western New York. Because of the damage UB athletics has to shell out to replace not just the turf but also the layers underneath the visible field.

I've been told that there are no plans for drastic changes to the fields appearance just structural work on the playing surface.

In this editor's opinion this is a chance to turn a problem into an opportunity! I give you my submission for what UB's new field should look like.


It needs some polish but I think you all see where I am trying to go with this.

"Patrick Clark lines up at Buffalo to kick off the 2014 season"

"Adam Redden chases Reardon from the pocket and into the waiting arms of the corner back who was blitzing from Brooklyn"

Danny White has been nothing if not bold in his time at UB and this field is bold without being some tacky gray color. It captures what Danny White wants to do: show the world that UB is the largest state school in New York and the biggest state athletics program.

Let's hope this post finds its way on some screens in the athletics department and that they are inspired to make a statement for their record seven home games being played in 2014.