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Joe Kepler Steps Down from UB Athletics

Joe Kepler is stepping down as the assistant director for athletic communications today. In addition to that role Kepler was also the schools point of contact for men's soccer, women's basketball, and baseball. The Hilton New York native is moving to help his wife establish herself in the education field and will be moving to the great state of South Carolina.

Kepler predates the current UB Athletics administration. He came to UB in 2010 shortly after getting his degree in journalism and Mass-Communications from St. Bonaventure. Despite my feelings about the Bonnies Kepler is proof that at least something good comes out of UB's big 4 rival.

Given his position at UB I have had the chance to interact with Kepler over the course of the past four years, almost the entire span of Bull Run's existence. So I when I say this is a a pretty big loss of the department I say it with some insight. He has always been helpful to us here at Bull Run and we wish him well in his future endeavors down in the "The Palmetto State".

Fun fact, I have a brother who moved to South Carolina so here are the top 5 things Joe (like all people from Buffalo) will miss.

  1. Wings / Pizza.... Trust me Joe get in a few good trips for wings before you go.
  2. Summer.... When Softball games have to be played at 6am to avoid the heat it's not called summer, its called hell. I believe in Hell they can wait until 8am for the softball games to start.
  3. Fun Snow Days.... In Buffalo a snow day means 5 feet of pure fun to play with, In Carolina it means you got a dusting which overwhelmed southern drivers.
  4. Labatt Blue.... Of course you can buy good beer in South Carolina but you'll look like an oddball drinking a fine brew when everyone else is drinking swill. Cans of luke warm Bud everywhere!
  5. Tim Horton's.... Is there a better doughnut and coffee chain in the world? I don't think so..

You're doing the right thing by your family going but man you're giving up a lot ;)