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Training Camp Tuseday - Buffalo NFL Updates

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

In a short time Training Camps will be in full swing and our TCT's should have a lot more material about UB Bulls trying to land, or hold, spots on NFL rosters. For now however there is not a ton of news coming out of the NFL.

Bills Stadium Update:

One thing UB fans may want to keep their eye out for is the New Stadium proposal report which is due in November. There are some locations being talked about but unfortunately Amherst seems to not be one of them. Buffalo Rumblings has a story.

Buffalo Bills new stadium report expected by end of July - Buffalo Rumblings
In addition to researching potential new stadium locations - a list that reportedly includes not just Orchard Park and downtown Buffalo, but West Seneca, Niagara Falls, and Batavia - the report will also include case studies on recent stadium projects, and whether or not major renovations to Ralph Wilson Stadium would be a viable long-term solution

Batavia? West Seneca? Really?

So The Bills work for five or six years to open up the door to the Canadian market and by all accounts they had some success. While the Toronto games were miserable the BIlls organization has noted more Canadians are coming across for Orchard Park Games.

If a dime of state money goes into this project then the stadium needs to be a home run. That means Downtown, Niagara Falls, or Amherst. All three of those sights have something compelling about them. Perhaps Amherst the least of which but the home of UB's north Campus is still  more compelling than Batavia or West Seneca.

The key to success this summer? Hard Work!

You see this theme a lot and while I am sure some players are as safe as can be I do beleive the last 10 or so spots on an NFL roster are up for grabs. For guys are are pretty set to make the team hard work could move them up the depoth chart for the preseason games.

Steven Means is a hard worker, Da’Quan Bowers not so much.... So can Means work his way to mroe playing time?

Bucs Training Camp Position Battles: Defensive Line
Da’Quan Bowers has continued to disappoint. He showed up this offseason out of shape, the worst possible first impression you could make on a new coaching staff. Last year, after the team parted ways with Michael Bennett, Schiano rode Bowers hard during camp for the same issues he’s facing this year – to get him conditioned and try to make him an every-down player. It didn’t work. Will defensive line coach Joe Cullen, a protégé of Rod Marinelli, who’s one of the best defensive line teachers in the business, be able to get through to him? Personally, I think I’ve seen more out of Gholston, at least from an effort standpoint. The same goes for Means.

The Key to success Every Summer? Stay Hungry!

One think Buffalo fans love about Khalil Mack is that the guy was never satisfied with where he was as a football player. He had a relentless internal drive to work harder today than he worked yesterday.

While setting NCAA records Mack never slowed down in his quest to improve himeself, and being in the NFL that has not changed

Khalil Mack praised by Raiders teammates, coaches, looks to earn it on field - Silver And Black Pride
"I want to prove that they got a top guy," Mack stated in his rookie confessional. "I just want to go out and show that I can play football. You can talk all day. You can meet the media and talk about how great this person is. But you still have to prove it, and show why they brought you to that team."

Putting It All Together... Hopefully

Alex Neutz is an underdogs fighting for one of those last 9-10 spots on an NFL roster. Like Steven Means he is going to have to work relentlessly and like Khalil Mack Neutz is going to have to treat each and every accomplishment as a small step towards something more.

Alex knows he has a razor thin margin for error but UB fans have seen the Grand Island Native come through in tighter spots.

Neutz Gearing Up for Bengals Training Camp - Time Warner Cable News
"I feel like the underdog role is going to stick with me for a while," Neutz said. "You're an undrafted free agent. There's 90 guys on the roster right now - 53 make the team. There's probably 44 guys who are definitely coming back. It's not a lot of room for error. So you've just really got to go out there, know your craft, know your playbook, know what you're doing everyday and just really give it your all."