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CFL Preseason Winnipeg vs Toronto Open Thread

Drew Willy will get his first start as a Winnipeg Blue Bomber while Natey Adjei and Willie Moseley are each going to see their first CFL action. The threat of a strike has passed and there will be a full CFL season this year. Starting with 9 preseason games.

Tom Szczerbowski

The preseason will kick off with Winnipeg and Toronto, and in a little more than two weeks these teams will also kick off the regular season.

Drew Willy:

There is a lot of pressure on Drew Willy, perhaps far more than the other two Bulls playing tonight. Winnipeg has been a meat grinder for Quarterbacks going back to the 1990's. In situations like that there is often not a lot of patients for quarterbacks to get used to a system but reportedly Willie has quickly picked up the Blue Bombers Offense.

Willie Moseley:

Moseley had a tryout with Toronto last season which. He has a chance to show the Argo's what they passed up but there are questions around his back. He was day to day last week but should see action tonight. I also understand that outside of Moseley there have been several injuries among the Blue Bomber front seven.

If he is healthy he should see some good time tonight. He's backing up Peach tonight but given the nature of preseason games expect at least two quarters of work.

Natey Adjei:

The speedster is getting his first shot at the CFL tonight after being drafted in the third round of this past seasons CFL draft. He is listed as the second string slot back behind Rebert Gill. In the American Football vernacular he is playing a slot receiver spot but

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Drew Willy
Willie Moseley
Natey Adjei
Date 6/2/2014
Time 8:30 PM (EST)
Venue: IGG