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Best Buffalo Restaurants

Thanks so much to David for coming up with the idea of Munch Madness, and thank you to all of the restaurants and community members who really got into the contest. We saw the winner, Bocce, really leverage facebook hard. The contests involving the eventual winners typically had a huge number of facebook likes, far more than most of the other contests.

** What I learned during Munch Madness **

Bocce is the most loved Pizza In Buffalo, and Buffalo is a Pizza and Wing's town.

Bocce Pizza is coast to coast. During the Bocce rounds there was a lot of voting from Boston to LA and it came in spurts. Many took this to mean they were stuffing the Ballot box but in point of fact I started to monitor after round two and Bocce's cluster of votes came from unique IP's. But they also came in shortly after a bunch of facebook shares.

Buffalo is full of good pizza places. I grew up on Abbott and Jo-Jo's pizza, still pining for it to this day. But Bocce is perhaps the face of Buffalo Pizza and as such they have a huge following.

My view of Ted's Hot Dogs as the ultimate Buffalo comfort food is well founded.

Bocce may be the flag bearer for Buffalo Pizza but Ted's stands alone as perhaps the best hotdog place in the entire state! When I head home I usually go for an Abbott Pizza or Jo-Jo's or any number of good pizza places. Living in Minnesota good Pizza is hard to come by but Buffalo has dozens of great places. Big shops, small shops, and "dives" in buffalo all make a good slice.

But if I want a Hot Dog I have to drive up to Ted's. For a hotdog joint to give Buffalo's "best pizza" a run for their money says a lot about Ted's. Heck even CJ Spiller of the Buffalo Bills called out Ted's as his favorite Buffalo food.

The celebrity endorsement was not enough to put them over the top but it's impressive none the less.

Brennan's is the new role model for Bull Run!

When I send out lengthy boring email's to the other Bull Run editors (which they often ignore)  I always lead with my vision for Bull Run. I've always called it a virtual "sports bar" for Buffalo fans. After Munch madness I am going to start saying we want to be like a virtual Brennan's.

Brennan's had a great show of support against Bocce, there is a nice tight nit community there that is eager to meet and greet new people. That's what we are shooting for at Bull Run.

Buffalo is really becoming a city for Second Chances

As an ex-pat who visits Buffalo once a year I can tell you that the sense of optimism around the city is not without reason. Buffalo is growing and starting to import people and import food.

Hurricane Katrina destroyed the home belonging to the owners of Dick & Jenny’s and sent them to Grand Island. Their restaurant in New Orleans was sold to employees and is still as busy as ever.  The Benz’s began to miss the hustle and bustle of restaurant life so they set up at the Del & Herb’s building. THey have grown into a great restaurant with a unique, authentic menu.

It's Lloyd, not Lloyd's

The Taco Truck is Buffalo Icon but most people are calling it by the wrong name, including David ;). It's great food and I would hope that perhaps Danny White is working on my suggestion to bring Lloyd into the tail gating lot.

Were kicking around ideas for next year's "vs" month... What do you think we should do?