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UB Women's Tennis Seeking Head Coach?

Update 6/4 - The UB Athletics Department has confirmed that despite the apparent posting on the UB jobs site there are no plans for Kristen Ortman Maines to leave her coaching position with the university. She will continue to head the womens tennis team. We here at Bull Run are thrilled that coach Ortman Maines is going to continue to coach the team and wish them success as they train for next season.

UB Athletics

Following the most successful season in eight years, could UB possibly be looking for a new Women's Tennis Coach? It seems crazy, but a job posting on the schools website suggests it could be so.

With multiple runs to the MAC Championships and Semifinal rounds and a second-place finish at the CAA Women's Rowing Championships, UB has this spring seen about as successful a season as is possible without winning at least *one* team championship.

I for one have to imagine Savannah Jo Dorsey is still out there, haunting kids' dreams.

One of the more successful UB teams this spring relative to recent success was the Women's Tennis squad. Their 15-6 record and run to the MAC Semifinals constituted their best season since 2006-07 and came under the leadership of second-year coach Kristen Ortman Maines, who had been a former player and assistant coach under now-promoted Kathy Twist.

Twist - who belongs on the short list for 'best UB coach of the 2000s' - is now an administrator in UB Athletics. Given the team's success, and that it comes at the hands of a coach who has a long history with UB and her boss, it seems the program is in good hands.

But a posting on UBjobs suggests that the school is looking for a new Head Coach. Just posted publicly this past weekend (though it has been visible internally for two weeks prior), it contains nothing out of the ordinary for such a position, other than that you'd be hardpressed to find a reason for the Bulls to be in need of a coach.

Google searches and forays into the wide world of tennis message boards don't turn up anything for Coach Ortman Maines accepting a new job anywhere, which I personally think is the more likely of the reasons UB would need a new coach, and there have been no mentions anywhere of any discontent with the program.

And that's what makes this so strange: 2013-14 was by all accounts a successful year for a young coach and the Women's Tennis program - successful enough to appear on the right track - but could a 15-6 record and trip to the MAC Semifinals be enough for a bigger and better job opportunity?

Regardless of the answer, the posting is up at the link above, and open until the end of June. If any of our readership are tennis coaches with experience coaching at the D-1 level, maybe this is an opportunity for you.