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Khalil Mack finds a mentor and a target

Thearon W. Henderson

Two big things you should get out of the way during your first few weeks on the job. First you need to find yourself a mentor and second you need to set some achievable and meaningful goals.

Khalil Mack, settling in with the Oakland Raiders managed to get both of those items marked off his checklist this week. His Mentor is last years third round draft Choice Sio Moore and his meaningful goal is to put Peyton Manning on the turf.

Moore could be ticked that he was moved from the strong side to the weak side after the Raiders drafted Mack but instead last seasons standout rookie sees an opportunity to continue his promising career while helping Mack start his.

Sio Moore an eager pupil of Raiders veterans, mentor to Khalil Mack - Silver And Black Pride
Moore was in a similar position to Mack just last year so even though he is just in his second season, he can be a mentor of sorts to help Mack transition to the NFL.

You take care of your linebackers," said Moore. "I try to give him as many tips and pointers as I can because I was in the same position he was last year. But the thing is he's a good athlete and he's a good kid, he's a smart dude."

So who will Mack and Moore be getting after this season?

Khalil Mack: Peyton Manning at top of my to-sack list -
During the NFLPA Rookie Premiere, NFL Media's Alex Flanagan asked Mack which NFL quarterback he most wants to sack.

"I think that has to be Peyton (Manning) right now," the normally soft-spoken Mack replied. "Just thinking about it gets you a little (excited), you know what I mean?"

Manning threw seven touchdowns in two games against the Raiders last season, Mack hopes to be a part of some formula which will shrink that number a bit this year.