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White North Wednesday! Bulls in the CFL and Weekly Openthread

Toronto (Natey Adjei) at Winnipeg (Drew Willy)

The CFL Season kicks off tomorrow the same way the CFL preseason got under way.

Former UB Receiver Natey Adjei and the Toronto Argonauts will travel to the middle of Canada to take on Drew Willy on the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

It's a Small World League

With just 9 teams in the CFL there is bound to be a lot of situations where teams and players are connected through numerous avenues. The Toronto and Winnipeg game is no different.

The Argos won the CFL Eastern Division last season but were ousted from the playoffs by Hamilton. The Tiger cats went on to the Grey Cup where they were defeated by Saskatchewan. The Rough riders backup quarterback was none other than Drew Willy.

The Blue Bombers won just three games last season, following a six win season in 2012. The triggered a coaching change that saw Winnipeg hire Mike O'Shea away from Toronto, where he was a special teams coach. Not too long after the Bombers dealt for Drew Willy who was immediately named the starting pivot (quarterback) by O'Shea.

Natey Adjei was drafted by Toronto in the third round while Mike O'Shea was still coaching special teams for the Argos.

This season he looked solid during camp and the preseason. Adjei caught six passes for 62 yards when Toronto and Winnipeg played an exhibition game two weeks ago. He is now a backup slot back with the Argos.

B.C. (Ernest Jackson) hosts Edmonton

B.C. Lions feel they’re reaching another level
"I’m not ever going to replace Manny when it comes to that," grinned soft-spoken Ernest Jackson, the receiver who may not have Arceneaux’s voice but has his spot in the new scheme of offensive co-ordinator Khari Jones.

Jackson was perhaps on the bubble late in the preseason but the former UB receiver and kick returner managed to have a very solid second half against Calgary and the ever humble Jackson rode that half of football into a wideout position for the Lions.

The CFL does not release their depth charts until the day of the game but expect to see Jackson as a backup receiver or slotback. While the coahcing staff has been high on his work ethic Jackson was moved from a starting wide out to a backup slot back after the teams first preseason game.

6-27 Update - Ernest Jackson has been listed as the starting wide receiver on the left side by the B.C. Lions on this weeks depth chart!

Last season the Lions swept Edmonton as the Eskimos on their way to B.C.'s 17th straight post season appearance. Currently the franchise is tied for the third longest playoff streak in CFL history. Edmonton owns that record with an astounding 34 straight years but have struggled since that streak ended in 2005 appearing in just three playoffs and securing only two winning seasons.

Thursday, June 26
Saturday Jun 28
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Drew Willy
Natey Adjei
Time 8:30 PM (EST)
Home Road



Ernest Jackson
Time 6:00 PM (EST)